Putting the Fun in Fundraising

The online music streaming service Spotify has launched a new app designed to encourage people to host charity parties where guests donate to charity in exchange for their favourite guilty pleasures being added to the party playlist.

The Guilty Pledgers app requires party hosts to sign in to Spotify with Facebook, where they then create an event, choosing their preferred charity and open up a group playlist. Party guests can then use the Guilty Pledgers online app to add songs to the playlist, pledging a minimum of £2 per song they add. 

Whilst the portion of people who gave money to charity rose only marginally between 2010 and 2012, the percentage of adults aged 16-24-years-old who donated increased more significantly.

The upsurge in giving amongst younger people can be attributed to the rise of social media campaigns that have increased awareness of various charitable causes amongst the younger demographic. Donating online has never been easier, with social media platforms allowing people to ask their friends to support them with just the click of a button.

Recent initiatives, such as the Spotify Guilty Pledgers app has resonated with the younger demographic, resulting in an increase in donations from consumers in this age group. The new app is in line with other charitable giving campaigns seen recently, which have used fun activities that are not necessarily related to the charitable cause in order to bolster both awareness and donations. A notable recent example is “no make-up selfie” campaign, which resulted in a plethora of women uploading their make-up free pictures and donating to Cancer Research.

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